Activity Program


With our activity program, we are able to give our clients a feeling of being valued and engendering them with a sense of purpose. We promote pride and achievement by seeing what our individuals can do, rather than what they cannot do. We love to see people taking part in activities. We are sensitive to their needs, providing stimulation by varied activities always within people’s capabilities. Sometimes this will be within a group and sometimes on a one to one basis. We always respond to suggestions from our individuals, if they have an activity in mind.


Our activities include:



We have a regular entertainment program by a qualified music therapist, professional musicians as well as in house programs



The exercise program is a means of fun and enjoyment as well as helping mobility and hand eye coordination


Crafts and Baking:

We provide a regular program to encourage our individual’s creative activities


Reminiscing Sessions:

Are held to stimulate memory and conversation


Trips and Excursions:

Are also organised too, taking advantage of the wonderful local countryside and places of interest



For more details please feel free to contact us.

Please note some activities are currently restricted due to Covid 19 restrictions.